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by on June 26, 2012

Call of Mini Sniper is a zombie shooter game that is addicting and very fun to play.  There are many zombie shooter games that are hard to advance through missions and require you to spend actual money to upgrade your weapons.  Call of Mini Sniper is not one of those kinds of zombie shooter games. You can earn enough money through the game by surviving longer which will help you upgrade your weapons.

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App Description

Call of Mini Sniper is a first person zombie shooter game.  Fight through waves of zombies and see how long you can survive.
App Developer:  Triniti Interactive Limited
App Home Page:
App Size:  77.9 MB
iPad Availability:  Yes

App Pros

Call of Mini Sniper has a lot of great features.  There are plenty of weapons you can upgrade to without the need of spending real money.  You just have to put a little time in and save money to upgrade your weapons.  Another great thing about Call of Mini Sniper is that you can carry three weapons.  You can carry a sniper rifle, machine gun and a rocket launcher.  You can also buy a battle booth to help you fend off the zombie horde, buy explosives to stop zombies from entering your base, and you can buy pardons to increase the number of civilian casualties you can have per round.

App Cons

Call of Mini Sniper doesn’t really have any cons.  The only thing I don’t like is the lack of different stages.  There are only two boards you can play at the date of this post.  I hope in the future that Triniti decides to add more boards.


If you are looking for a first person zombie shooter, then Call of Mini is for you.  You can spend countless hours trying to survive and upgrade your weapons.  The graphics are pretty good and the game play is excellent.  You cannot go wrong with this free zombie shooter game.

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